Unterstützerkreise für Flüchtlinge(2)
At the moment there are 98 refugees in Altenbeken, housed in 11 flats/houses and a central quarter.

Report from the 1. the support group for refugees in municipality of Altenbeken

Most needed: living space

Available rooms, apartements and houses should be reported to There will be more information available. The lessee is the municipality, so there is an easy to communicate partner with a high level of trust.

Accommodation support

Equipment for the living space
– Refrigerator / kitchen appliances
– washing machine
– Wardrobes / shelves / other furniture
– Cots
– Bedsteads and bed frames
– Sofas / tables / chairs / lighting

Everyday necessities
– Strollers
– Toys
– Ready to use bicycles
– Dishes / utensils / glasses / cups
– Clothing (mostly children’s clothing)
– Hygiene and health products
– Bags / Backpacks / Cases

Information and entertainment
TV, computer, internet, radio…

Help with the daily routine

Language course

Assistance with administrative formalities / Transfer by bus and train
Altenbeken Sozialamt
Ausländeramt PB
BAMF Bielefeld

Help for doctor visits

Contacts with recreational facilities or sports clubs
Running / Walking
Music clubs

Assistance for setting up TVs, internet etc.. (antenna cable, WLAN)

Active projects

Language course

Wo / Where / Où / Dove / الى اين ?
HOT (Haus der offenen Tür) in Schwaney

Wann / When / Quand / Quando / عندما?
Each Monday 9:00 – 11:30 am, starting 07.09.2015

International Gathering of Families

Every wednesday families with kids meet to drink coffee, play games, laugh and get to know each other. People with all different kinds of backgrounds are invited to come.

Every wednesday 4pm-6pm
at Pfarrheim Buke, (beside the fire station)

Contact person: Anne Planz Tel 05255/331868
Lifts can be organized.

Project ideas

– Language course
– Music groups
– Whatsappgroup for drive sharing
– Interior decor group
– Wifi for refugees
– Accompaniment to visit clubs
– Free tickets for soccer games
– Cooking together
– Organization of donations
– Welcome party
– Regular meetings between refugees and citizens


Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold
IBAN: DE22 4765 0130 1010 054 052
Keyword „Flüchtlingshilfe“

The money is managed by the municipality and used to support refugees with things for which offical aid isn’t available.


Christian Bruns

For the support group
Dietlinde Stach:
Christina Böddeker:

Facebook group for refugees and citizens

Es gibt nun eine Gruppe für den Austausch zwischen Flüchtlingen und Bürgern:

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